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Wii-kly Reviews: The Conduit July 16, 2009

Posted by tails86 in Wii-kly Reviews Games.

Wii-kly Reviews

Wii-kly Review here after a long absense with a new game to show off that lots of people have had plenty to Say the very hyped game from High Voltage Software The Conduit created specifically for the Nintendo Wii Console.

Now After all the Hype of this wonderful title Wii-kly Review would have to say it has lived up to the hype that HVS has built up as it is selling very well for a console that many people agree shouldn’t have that many great titles but HVS has hear the cries of the Wii Fans and developed this game from the ground up from the controls to the graphic animation to the actually online 12 player co op.
The Conduit
In The Main Story of single player you control Michael Ford a secret agent who has been sort of forced into this secret military organzation known as “The Trust”. With there purpose of guarding Washington for over 300 years as says Mr. John Adams who orders Michael to Destroy Prometheus a terrorist who has brought destruction to the great nation after finishing one of the stages you discover a artifact called The ASE (The All Seeing Eye) which is used for solving puzzles and destroying Ghost Bombs But it turns out that Adams is after the ASE and the destruction of Michael Ford. After going through a huge Alien onslaught Prometheus reveals that Adams plans are for total world domination and Power Thanks to the Help of The Alien Force Known as The Drudges that come from Conduits that you will see lots of in the Game as well as very many different kinds of Drudges. Including The Huge Boss Fights inbetween certain stages. The Drudge
In The Game you will have very many weapons to choose from including Bazookas, hand guns, grenades, and a variety of very intresting and unique Alien weaponry as well as the Trust Suit that Michael Wears that regenerates his health. The Controls are extremely customizeable so if you don’t like say throwing the the grenade with the Nunchuk you can change it to your liking as well as the video features and many more.

Overall: The Conduit has had lots of ups and downs by certain players of the other gaming systems. but in Wii-kly Reviews opinion The Conduit is a Fresh idea that is also the best looking and best feeling game the Wii has to offer. The only complaints we would have to share are the online modes that sometimes will freeze up or leave you in a glitch staring at a sunsetting sky watching other players get killed or leace the room. But Other then that this game has lived up to its Hype in WR’S Eyes and should satisfy any hardcore gamer of the FPS Genre. Wii-kly Review Gives this This Title a Strong 8/10.



1. supersonic1990 - July 16, 2009

Awesom review! The review score just about sounds right.

2. MetaKirbyKnight - July 16, 2009

Nice review! May get this, but right now, I’m kinda focused on the DSi.

3. whoknew - July 16, 2009

Great review tails86. =) Awesome banner by the way.

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