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Wii-kly Reviews TigerWoods PGA Tour 10 July 30, 2009

Posted by tails86 in Wii-kly Reviews Games.

Hello Fans of Wii-kly Review Tails here with another great review of a Game for our lovely Wii Console today its gonna be Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 that came out for The Wii on 06/28/2009

After a much need for a new game i set out to gamestop to try to find my fill and thanks to a very nice person from Nintendo Life.com (Chatham) he requested me to try this out. And Man am i happy he did. In my Opinion This game deserves more hype then anyone is giving it even if your not a fan of golf theres something fun in this package for everyone whether its using the allplay mode or playing the addictive game of Disc Golf. Tiger Woods comes in 2 different packages one with the game alone, and the other with the newly added accessory the Wii Motion+. Making this game even more fantastic to play you have a huge amount of characters to choose from in the game as well. including Tiger himself. Also added into this game other then stellar graphics wonderful voice overs of ESPN Golf hosts and outstanding Weather Channel functionality which allows you if u have internet connected on your wii to really test your skills. for example if your playing in Wenchester and the actual weather there is hurricane force winds guess what you will be playing in that.  Also other then using a variety of characters you have very many different gamemodes to explore such as the PGA Tour itself where you create your own character from scratch and if wanting to (if you have the Bundled Wii Motion Plus Package) Get Downloadable Content for your character dressing him or her as a rabbit ninja a alien and much more as well as downloading Legendary Golfers from way back yesteryear. Including The GameModes you have a very addictive Party Game Mode as well as The Game “Disc Golf”

The Game is Simply using the Wii Remote like your Throwing a Frisbee the more power you use the farther you drive but also your level of difficulty matters as well as the wind in your area your playing too much more or a akward throw could fade or draw back your shot as is the same in your actual golf game so make sure to time and prepare your shot right.

Overall: Tiger Woods PGA Tour is a great sports title with lots of great features and lots of replay value as well as a lot of great fun for not just you but the whole family to get up and play a nice round of Golf Wii-kly Review Gives This Hole in One a 9/10.



1. diifii - July 31, 2009

wow so this game takes in account even the real weather of the area you play in. that is very cool.
The Motion Plus is also a very nice addition to the game. This really does sound like the game every golf fan will love.

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