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Wii-kly Review: Okami Wii August 8, 2009

Posted by tails86 in Wii-kly Reviews Games.

Hello Wii-kly Review Fans its time for another fantastic review from Wii-kly Review and today is a beautiful title from a beloved 3rd Party company Capcom. Ladies and Gentlemen i bring to you Okami for the Nintendo Wii.  That was Released April 15th of 2008.

The Story Behind Okami For Wii:

The game is set in Nippon classic history, and begins with a flashback to events 100 years prior to the game’s present, and describes how Shiranui, a pure white wolf, and Nagi, a swordsman, together fought the eight-headed demon Orochi to save Kamiki Village and the maiden Nami, Nagi’s beloved. Shiranui and Nagi are unable to defeat Orochi but manage to seal the demon away. In the game’s present, Susano, a descendant of Nagi, accidentally breaks Orochi’s seal, and the demon escapes and curses the lands, sapping the life from every living thing. Sakuya, the wood sprite and guardian of Kamiki Village, calls forth Amaterasu, the sun goddess, known to the villagers as the reincarnation of the white wolf Shiranui, and pleads her to remove the curse that covers the land. Accompanied by the inch-high artist Issun, Amaterasu is able to restore the land to its former beauty.[22] Throughout the journey, Amaterasu is hounded by Waka, a strange but powerful individual that seems to have the gift of foresight, and further teases Amaterasu and Issun to his own mysterious ends. Additionally, Amaterasu locates several Celestial Gods who have hidden in the constellations that bestow upon the goddess powers of the Celestial Brush to aid in her quest.

Comparing this game is like comparing a game of The Legend of Zelda series it is that good. you take control of the Dog God Amaterasu bringing peace to the entire world and rescuing people in other villages on your long Journey accompanied by the annoying yet also very funny Issun The Flea. The Game Revolves around the same concept as Zelda games squeezing in some puzzle elements with great platforming and lots of action for the hardcore fans as well as casual players. Controlling Amaterasu is simple using the nunchuck to move and wii remote to attack with your Celestial Brush techniques. The Game is detailed with both 3d graphics as well as some very beautiful watercolors as seen in lots of japanese type drawings for example when using your Celestial Brush on a Leafless Branch twisting the wii remote in a circle will make the Tree or Trees Bloom Cherry Blossoms. Keep in Mind That you will face countless enemies on your journey and will need to Level up your Health and Energy each fight.

Conclusion: Okami is probably one of the greatest Wii Games ever Made in my honest opinion from Capcom with its great detail to watercolor and graphics to the almost perfect controls to the wacky but also very heartwarming Story of the game any fan of Japanese Music and Very Fun Platforming Games should easily buy this game and treasure it for many years as being one of the best platformers in many years for the Nintendo Wii Console. Wii-kly Review Gives This game a Full Powered Slashing 10/10



1. diifii - August 9, 2009

Nice review. The game has one of the best stories. And the art really makes this game stand out. The battle systme was great but I still feel the game would have worked better on the DS. Sure we would not have gotten art as nice as it was on the PS2 or Wii. But the battle system would have work perfect on the DS. On the Wii I found it didnt work as well as it should.

2. Wii-kly Review: Okami Wii | okamiwii.com - August 10, 2009

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