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Wii-kly Reviews: Yoshis Island for Game Boy Advance September 3, 2009

Posted by tails86 in Wii-kly Reviews Games.

Hello Fans and Viewers of Wii-kly Review its time for another wonderful Review from another Game from The Past todays Game is Yoshis Island for the SNES but we will be playing the Game Boy Advance Version.

The Story

The Game Starts off in a story about the Stork who goes around the Island delivering babys when all of a sudden Kamek the Magical Koopa rams into the stork making him drop two of the babys he was delivering Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Kamek gets a hold of Baby Luigi taking him back to his Castle to show off to his minions but soon forgets about Baby Mario who had tumbled down on to the wonderful and happy Island known as Yoshis Island. Our Hero Yoshi would be just taking a walk when he would see something fall from the sky right on to him with a Splat something moving around in a bag? it was a Baby with a red Cap with the letter M on it and as well as a Map that the stork had dropped (which turns out to be the world map for your adventure.) after what seemed to be a very rare and surprising day for Yoshi he would go off to his friends to figure out what to do about the mysterious babys falling from the sky.

The Gameplay
Yoshi's Island has a unique gameplay compared to other Mario games. Instead of Mario/Luigi, Yoshi is the main playable character. Yoshi has a range of moves, such as swallow enemies, converting them into eggs and throwing them. If the player holds down the jump button, Yoshi will pedal his feet furiously in the air; this allows him to stay airborne for a couple of seconds and gain a little extra height. This floating maneuver may be performed multiple times if necessary.

Yoshi can collect eggs during their travels. These eggs follow Yoshi along until they are thrown. Many of the game's puzzles involve bouncing eggs around the levels or skimming them over water to hit distant enemies or objects. In addition to eggs, Yoshi may also collect keys to open locked doors. Special eggs can be acquired: yellow eggs, which create a coin when they hit an enemy, red eggs, which create two stars, and special flashing eggs, which produce a red coin upon hitting an enemy. Eggs, which begin green, will turn yellow, then red, after bouncing off walls. The third time an egg hits a wall, however, it is destroyed. Rarely, one can find Fat Shyguys who, when digested, create giant green eggs, which are lobbed, instead of thrown. they create a quake when they hit the ground, turning all enemies on the screen into stars. On a few levels, duck-like creatures (called Huffin' Puffins) can be acquired; these travel a short distance before returning to Yoshi. Generators exist for green eggs, which create an egg for each time you bump into it. Similar boxes, only yellow and red, transform into a single egg of their color, rather than generate infinite numbers. Up to six objects can follow Yoshi at a time, whether they are eggs, keys or Puffins.

Unlike other platform games in the Mario series, the player's character can be attacked an unlimited number of times by most enemies without harm. Whenever Yoshi is hit by an enemy, Baby Mario flies off his back, floating around the level in a bubble and wailing loudly as a countdown timer begins. If the countdown reaches zero before Yoshi tags the bubble, Kamek's toadies capture Mario and the player loses a life. The timer will slowly regenerate back to the original ten seconds and can be extended for up to 30 seconds by collecting stars or passing through the Middle Ring (which grants a bonus of ten stars, and turns nearby enemies into stars that can be collected.) Some traps, however, such as pits, spikes, and lava, can kill Yoshi instantly.

A cave level in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandYoshi also has the ability, at various points in the game, to transform into different vehicles. At these points, a bubble containing a graphical representation of the vehicle floats and upon bursting it, Yoshi becomes that vehicle. Vehicles include a helicopter, which enables him to fly; a racing car which has stilts for suspension (allowing for avoidance of the enemies up ahead in those sections); a submarine, which can fire homing torpedoes at the aquatic enemies; a train, which has to be navigated along tracks on the wall whilst avoiding the enemies who can move while the train is active; and a 'Mole-Tank', which allows the player to dig through dirt. Whilst in these forms Yoshi has limited time to reach a block at the end of the section, and leaves baby Mario behind. If he runs out of time before getting where he needs to, he will be transported back to where he started. If he reaches the block at the end of the section, baby Mario is transported to Yoshi, who transforms back and the game carries on.

A limitedly-appearing alternative form is that of Super Baby Mario. At certain points in the game, Yoshi grabs a "Super Star" and withdraws into a large egg while the player controls Baby Mario, who dons a cape. Super Baby Mario is gifted with abilities like fast running speed and flight, but the transformation only lasts for a short period before reverting to Baby Mario riding on Yoshi's back once more.

At the end of each level, the player is scored. The player earns points based on three criteria:

Every star remaining on the countdown timer is worth one point. Up to thirty stars can be collected.
Scattered among the coins in each level are twenty special red coins; each one collected is worth one point.
Hidden throughout each stage are five flowers; each one collected is worth ten points, and for every flower collected there is a chance for a mini-game at the end of the level.
100 points is the perfect score in each level. If a perfect score of 100 is achieved in all 8 regular levels of a world, a secret level will appear, as well as a bonus level where the bonus games (from getting a flower at the goal of each level) can be played over and over for numerous items and extra lives.

Unlike other games in the Mario series that allow a player to "warp" ahead to higher levels, Yoshi's Island is the first game in the series that requires the player to complete all 48 regular stages linearly to finish the game. In addition to these, there are six bonus levels—one for each world, which are unlocked by achieving perfect scores on all of the world's levels.

Conclusion: Yoshis Island for The SNES And the port to the Game Boy Advance are both incredibly alike in not only graphics but gameplay nothing has changed between the two there are lots of levels that are not only just colorful but there just so fun to go back to and replay again including the epic battle against Bowser Jr. One of My Favorite would have to be the Stage Go Mario Go when Yoshi Eats the Fluffys he will become basically “drunk” (thats my opinion xD) and kinda be staggering through the level until he regains his composure. this is a great platformer title for a game that hopefully Nintendo will allow soon on the Virtual Console if you have never played this game go spend the $15 if you still have a DS Lite that plays GBA games and buy this its well worth the $15 your buying and will leave you begging for more Wii-kly Review Gives this a Ground Pounding 9/10



1. supersonic1990 - September 4, 2009

This is one of your best reviews, Tails86. Yoshi’s Island is one of the greatest games of all time.

2. diifii - September 5, 2009

This is one of the best games ever made. And it has a great story. The gameplay in this game was just way ahead of its time. Amazing review. Your review covered it all. Well done. Now i think i will go and play some Yoshi’s Island on my GBA Micro to re-live this amazing adventure.

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