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Wii-kly Reviews: KingdomHearts 2 October 29, 2009

Posted by tails86 in Wii-kly Reviews Games.

Hello Readers Its time for another Review with Wii-kly Review and its almost time for Halloween so make sure to go scare up some fun and grab some treats but of course share off your devilish tricks. đŸ˜€ Todays game is another PS2 title one that has been praised by the Kingdomhearts Franchise as being the best of the entire line up of Square Enix games its Kingdom Hearts 2 the long awaited sequel to the supposed best RPG of the Year but does it stack up like the first KingdomHearts or crash and burn?

The Story
Kingdom Hearts II begins one day after Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days or one year after Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Sora, Donald, and Goofy have been asleep in suspended animation for the past year to regain their lost memories. Meanwhile, Roxas, the Nobody of Sora, is trapped in a virtual simulation of Twilight Town created by DiZ so that he may merge with his original self to restore Sora’s power, done as part of DiZ’s revenge on Organization XIII. DiZ’s plans are threatened when Organization XIII’s Nobodies, led by Axel, Roxas’s former friend in the Organization, infiltrate the virtual town, but Roxas finally merges with Sora. Sora, Donald, and Goofy wake up in the real Twilight Town and meet King Mickey and Yen Sid, who send them on another journey. Their goal is to find Riku and stop the plans of Organization XIII, who control the Nobodies—the body left over when a heart is turned into a Heartless. Sora also receives a new set of clothes that allow him to fuse with party members to gain special abilities. Afterward, Maleficent is resurrected and joins with Pete to continue her quest for power.

Sora travels to many Disney-themed worlds, old and new, and resolves the troubles caused by Organization XIII, the Heartless, Maleficent and Pete, and local villains. Meanwhile, Kairi is kidnapped by Axel. During a visit to Hollow Bastion, they again meet King Mickey, who reveals the true nature of Ansem, the antagonist of Kingdom Hearts. The Ansem whom Sora defeated was actually the Heartless of Xehanort, a student of Ansem the Wise. Mickey also reveals that Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII, is the Nobody of Xehanort. Organization XIII’s plan is revealed: they seek the power of “Kingdom Hearts”, which is the sum of all the hearts that Sora released by destroying the Heartless with his Keyblade. Sora then revisits the worlds to solve lingering problems and new complications, while seeking a path to Organization XIII’s base of operations. He is secretly being aided by a mysterious hooded figure whom Sora believes to be Riku.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter a passageway through the virtual Twilight Town where they encounter Axel, who sacrifices himself to create a passageway to the World That Never Was, the headquarters of Organization XIII; Kingdom Hearts looms overhead as a heart-shaped moon. Sora finds Kairi and Riku, whose appearance has been changed by the darkness to that of Xehanort’s Heartless; he also reveals to Sora the nature of his connection to Roxas. Mickey meets DiZ, who reveals himself to be Ansem the Wise. Ansem the Wise uses a device that dissipates some of Kingdom Hearts’ power, but a system overload causes the machine to explode and kill him; the explosion also mysteriously restores Riku to his original form. At the top of Organization XIII’s castle, Sora and his friends battle Xemnas, who uses the remnants of Kingdom Hearts to power his multiple forms. Sora and Riku destroy Xemnas and are reunited with their friends at their home, Destiny Islands. The game concludes as Sora, Kairi, and Riku read a mysterious letter bearing King Mickey’s seal, its contents hidden from the player.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts II is similar to that of Kingdom Hearts, though developers made an effort to address complaints with the previous game. The player directly controls Sora from a third person camera angle, though first person perspective is available. Most of the gameplay occurs on interconnected field maps where battles take place. The game is driven by a linear progression from one story event to the next, usually told in the form of a cutscene, though there are numerous side-quests available that provide bonuses to the characters.

Like many traditional roleplaying games, Kingdom Hearts II features an experience point system which determines character development. As enemies are defeated, the player and allies gain experience which culminates in a “level up”, in which the playable characters grow stronger and gain access to new abilities. As in the first game, Kingdom Hearts II allows a certain degree of character customization through a short tutorial found at the beginning of the game.

Combat in Kingdom Hearts II is in real-time and involves button presses which initiate attacks by the on-screen character. A role-playing game menu, similar to those found in Final Fantasy games, at the bottom left of the screen provides other combat options such as using magic, summoning beings to assist in battle, or executing combination attacks with other party members. A new feature is the “Reaction Command”, special enemy-specific attacks that are triggered when the player presses the triangle button at the correct time during battle. Reaction Commands can be used to defeat regular enemies or avoid damage, and are sometimes necessary to complete a boss battle. In addition to the main character, two party members are usually present who also participate in combat. Although these characters are computer-controlled, the player is allowed to customize their behavior to a certain extent through the menu screen, such as attacking the same enemy Sora targets.

In response to criticism, the “Gummi Ship” feature of the first game was re-imagined to be “more enjoyable”. Although retaining its basic purpose of travel, the previous system was completely redone to resemble a combination of rail shooter and “Disney theme park ride”. In the world map, the player must now control the Gummi Ship from a top-down view and fly to the world the player wishes to enter. Worlds are no longer open from the beginning—the player must unlock the routes to them by entering a new level, controlling the ship from a third-person point of view, and battling enemy ships. After the route is opened, travel to the world is unimpeded, unless it is blocked again due to a plot related event.

The Verdict: KH2 is a great title that in my opinion could have been better if a few things were dropped like for examp[le the difficulty was a little too easy for my taste even on expert (which i’ve played) was not as hard as the first KingdomHearts as for other flaws the game takes all your magic to cure yourself fully and you have to wait for a full almost 30 seconds to recharge your magic when fights get harder and your under leveled it makes things much harder unless your fully stocked up on items. other wise KH2 is good for a sequel but not as good as its first game. including the mashing of buttons instead of the original play like KingdomHearts you have to use Reaction Commands which are fun yes but get very tiring after using them so much and making the bosses much easier if anything to easy. Wii-kly Review gives it a 7.5/10